Short Snout Seahorse
Hippocampus breviceps
Hippocampus Barbouri

Identification: Can grow to 8 cms (adult), mature males have an extremely prominent brood pouch. Mature horses often have fronds or spines like a mane on head and neck. Stripes sometimes found on tail. Distinctive knob like coronet. Purplish brown to yellowish or sometimes a reddish hue with white spots, often has dark spots on head, pale stripes on tail.

Behavior: Is sexually active from 6 months old; is not monogamous, but will pair bond in tank; brood size between 10-50 (dependant on age and size of parents); average brood size for adults is 35; usually mates between Oct-Jan; can have up to 3 births per year; gestation is approximately 23-26 days; fry born at 14-16 mm, you can offer them Instar II Artemia from day one.

Maximum Length: 12 cm.

Origin: South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales

Minimum tank size: 30 Gallon

Feeding and diet: Frozen, enriched Mysis shrimp, copepods, Hawaiian Red Shrimp.

Availability: These species are being “Captive Bred” for the aquarium market and make a good choice. Tropical species

Optimum Keeping Parameters: Temp 19°C-21°C; pH 8.2; Salinity  1.024, Ammonia—Nil; Nitrite—Nil; Nitrates— < 20 ppm.

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