Banded Cat Shark
Chiloscyllium punctatum
Cat Shark

Identification: Series of black and tan stripes. As they grow older the dark blacks stripes begin to fade.

Maximum Length: 40.9"

Origin: Western Pacific

Minimum tank size: 180 Gallon, Babies can be kept in 50-100 gallons but they grow fast.

Behavior: Readily acclimates to the home aquarium, although juveniles can be reclusive
                  and may take some time before starting to feed. Can grow as much as 11.8"
                  in a year. Will breed in larger aquariums. Eggs cases take from 138-160 days
                  to hatch. Will usually hide during the day and more active at night.

Feeding and diet: Meaty foods, including pieces of shrimp, scallop or marine fish impaled
                              on a feeding stick. Feed to saturation 3 times a week.

Reef Compatibility:  Depends on what is in the reef. Will eat crustaceans and small fish.

Cautions: May topple corals not securely attached to rockwork.  Can be very aggressive when feeding.

Availability: Sharks are seasonal and not always available during the winter months.

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