Chainlink Moray Eel
Echidna catenata

Chainlink Moray

Identification: The attractive body coloration of these fish varies considerably with each individual having a unique color pattern. Juvenile chainlink morays have attractive green banding patterns with alternating yellow stripes, however, these colors tend to fade and run together as the animal ages.

Maximum Length: Grows to a length of approximately 30 inches.

Origin: Chainlink morays inhabit coral and rocky reefs in the warm tropical waters of Brazil and the Indo-Pacific.

Minimum tank size:  40 Gallon

Behavior: These eels are extremely reclusive and hide under the rockwork. Chainlink eels readily adapt to aquarium life if provided with plenty of hiding places and adequately sized caves. These eels remain reclusive even after an adjustment period in captivity and tend to remain this way until hungry. Fortunately, chainlink morays readily wean onto prepared food after they are initially established on live fiddler crabs and small blue crabs. After some training, these fish will learn to take food from a stick. These morays are an excellent choice for a reef safe eel, as they are moderately sized, attractive, and wean readily onto prepared foods. However, they are a secretive fish that spends much of its day out of sight.

Feeding and diet:  They are nocturnal hunters and feed primarily on crabs. They will frequently pursue these crabs out of the water and onto the shore to capture them. It is a carnivore and likes to eat meaty treats (like live feeder, fiddler crabs, small fish & grass shrimp).

Reef Compatibility: Sociable and peaceful, can be considered a community fish as long as the tankmates are not small enough to eat!

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