Flame Scallop
Lima scabra
Flame Scallop

Identification: White or brown shell with either red or white tentacles.

Maximum Length: 2.4"

Origin: Caribbean

Minimum tank size: 20 Gallon

Behavior:  They are sessile but can move around. This is usually observed as a jumpy action produced by opening and closing rapidly of the shell. The result is that the scallop obviously moves backwards. Position scallops in a hollow or crevice towards the front of the tank where hopefully  they will settle and attach themselves with wiry threads.

Feeding and diet: They are filter feeders and catch some food particles with their rather short tentacles as well, moving it toward the inside, the mouth. Must use some sort of Phytoplankton to keep it alive.

Reef Compatibility: Excellent

Cautions: Seastars are the natural enemies of scallops. They will adhere to the outside and start a pulling action on the shell until the scallop can no longer resist and opens up.

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