Golden Moray
Gymnothorax Miliaris
Hippocampus Barbouri

Identification: Bright Yellow. Usually has various brown spots. Very rare to find a totally Solid Yellow one.

Behavior:  Reclusive as most morays are. Will venture out more in the evening. Make sure you have a closed top. They can slip out of an open aquarium.

Maximum Length: Unknown at this time

Origin: South America

Minimum tank size:  100 Gallon

Feeding and diet:  Feed twice a week. Enjoys shrimp, squid, clam, silversides, Ghost Shrimp and almost anything of a meaty nature. Use caution when feeding and a feeding stick is recommended. Will become very aggressive when the smell of food in near.

Availability:  Not common.

Optimum Keeping Parameters: Temp 24°C-26°C; pH 8.2; Salinity sg 1.021, Ammonia—Nil; Nitrite—Nil; Nitrates— < 20 ppm.

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