Poseidon's Realm: Metal Halide Lighting

CoralVue Lumen Bright Reflector


The Lumen Bright reflector delivers an intense and more precise light distribution pattern over a significantly broader area at higher ceiling heights than conventional reflectors are capable of . It`s design captures light rays that escape out the sides of ordinary reflectors. 1) The Lumen Bright reflector is constructed from lightweight German made Alanod  specular aluminum . 2) Features 24 optical  facets surrounding the lamp to maximize light reflection. 3)  95% reflective mirror finish 4) Tested at 16.5% more efficient than similarly designed reflectors

CoralVue Lumen Bright Mini-Reflector


CoralVue Lumen Bright Large-Reflector


Elos E-Power Aquarium Lighting

Light means life. Therefore we have spent so much attention to illumination, even dedicating the name of our company to it (ELOS = SOLE = SUN). We have done this with our unique style. From the basic product, to the most sophisticated, you can choose the best available light for your aquarium.

Why must a High Power Aquarium light be cumbersome and with the lack of any style or design? For the first time, ELOS E-power offers to the aquarium enthusiast a circular reflector with an unsurpassed efficiency* and a beautiful stylish shape, for people who desire to illuminate their Aquarium with uncompromising power!

* Tests made in the Elos lab have shown the superior luminous efficiency of E-power 250 Watt when compared with competitors reflectors equipped with 400 Watt bulbs.

  • Includes 3-Year Warranty, Hanging Kit and Glass Cover.

  • Complete kits include Elos Spectra 70-150-250 14,000K MH Lamps and Electronic Ballasts.

Elos E-Power Aquarium Lighting 250 Watt


Elos E-Power Aquarium Lighting 70 Watt


Elos E-Power Aquarium Lighting 150 Watt


Hamilton Cayman Sun Reflector DE HQI 14K System


Hamilton Cayman Sun Reflector 150 Watt DE


Hamilton Cayman Sun Reflector 250 Watt DE


Hamilton Cayman Sun Reflector 400 Watt DE


Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Mogul Base Reflector

  • High output reflector for Mogul Base 175W, 250W or 400W Metal Halide bulbs

  • Includes 6 actinic blue LED lights & LED transformer for nocturnal viewing

  • Multi faceted mirror-finish parabolic reflector provides maximum light output

  • Durable - rust proof aluminum housing & powder coated black exterior for long life

  • Light weight - only 5 lbs

  • Easy height adjustment – includes adjustable Steel Cable Suspension Kit

  • Multiple slotted louvers for ventilation for maximum cooling

  • 95% German reflective aluminum interior

  • Easy to disconnect from ballast - includes 12 ft lamp cord with Hamilton 3 prong male quick disconnect plug

  • Bulb protection – includes splash guard tempered glass lens


AquaticLife 12 Inch 150W DE HQI Light Fixture

AquaticLife 12in Pendant R7S HID Light Fixture
Proper lighting for small marine tanks has never been easier!

  • 150 watt double-ended metal halide lamp delivers the light needed for most marine aquariums

  • Suspension hardware is included to make set-up easy

  • Aluminum housing in combination matte and gloss black finish provides years of life

  • Long 2.5 meter cord between fixture and remote ballast is ideal for suspension

  • Use multiple fixtures for larger aquariums


AquaticLife HQI Metal Halide Fixtures with T5 HO and Lunar LEDs

Deliver a controlled combination of Metal Halide and Fluorescent Light with one light fixture!

  • Timer controls HID Lamps, T5 HO Lamps and Lunar LED's independently

  • LED Housings pivot 40 degrees in all directions, allowing the Lunar light to be directed over specific areas of the aquarium

  • Includes adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts for easy set-up

  • Electronic ballasts designed to cool without fans for quiet operation

  • Special aluminum housings used to dissipate heat away from the fixture

  • Three meter single power cord for convenient installation


  • 4 x 36 Inch 39W T5HO

  • Actinic / Blue

  • 2 x R7S 150W HID

  • 4 x 1W Lunar LED's

36 Inch 2x150 Watt HQI / R7S HID 4x39 Watt


48 Inch 2x150 Watt HQI / R7S HID 4x54 Watt


72 Inch 3x150 Watt HQI / R7S HID 8x39 Watt


AquaticLife™ HID Light Fixtures

Easily spotlight Corals and Anemones with directional 150 watt High Intensity Discharge 20,000K lamps while providing actinic light with 420/460 nm T5 HO lamps and lunar light with adjustable LEDs.

Anodized gloss and matte finish provide visual appeal and years of life.
Timer controls HID Lamps, T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LEDs independently.
LED Housings that pivot 40 degrees allowing the Lunar light to be directed over specific areas of the aquarium.

Includes adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts and Suspension Hardware for multiple lighting options.

Internal electronic ballasts designed to cool without fans for quiet operation.

Special aluminum housings used to dissipate heat away from the fixture.

Lamps Included:
(2) 36" T5 HO 39W 420/460 Lamps
(1) G12 150W HID 20,000K Lamp
(4) 1W Lunar LEDs

36 Inch 1x150 Watt 10,000K HID 2x39 Watt 420/460 NM AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture W/ 4 Lunar LEDs


48 Inch 2x150 Watt 10,000K HID 2x54 Watt 420/460 NM AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture W/ 4 Lunar LEDs


72 Inch 3x150 Watt 10,000K HID 4x39 Watt 420/460 NM AquaticLife T5 HO Light Fixture W/ 6 Lunar LEDs


Coralife Aqualight Pro Lighting Fixtures

  • 10000K Double-ended HQI metal halide lamps

  • True Actinic 03 Blue square-pin compact fluorescent lamps

  • 1 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow 470nm LED lamps

  • Three on/off switches with three 8-foot power cords for separate timers

  • External HQI metal halide ballast with on/off switch, 12-foot lamp cord and 6-foot power cord

  • Two on/off switches and two 12-foot power cords (one for PC lamps and one for LEDs)

  • Sleek, anodized black-aluminum housing

  • Highly-polished reflector

  • Acrylic compact fluorescent and glass lens covers

  • Mounting Legs included

Coralife 36 Inch Aqualight Pro, 1x150W HQI MH Lamp + 2x65W PC + 2x1W Lunar LED $555.99
Coralife 48 Inch Aqualight Pro, 2x150W HQI MH Lamp + 2x96W PC + 3x1W Lunar LED $825.99
Coralife 72 Inch Aqualight Pro, 3x150W HQI MH Lamp + 4x96W PC + 4x1W Lunar LED $11.95.99

Coralife Aqualight Plus/Pro Suspension Hardware Hanging Device


48 inch Giesemann Infiniti 2x250W HQI + 4x54W T5 Light Fixture

The INFINITI combines the intensity and glitter lines of metal halide lighting with the power and color of multiple T5 tubes - up to four which can be switched in pairs to allow a natural daily increase and degrease in light intensity.

The lamp body of the INFINITI is made from a high-quality aluminum and magnesium alloy which allows the design of a wide reflector surface whilst significantly reducing the overall weight of the lamp at the same time. The shape of the lamp body offers the optimal positioning and light distribution for both the T-5 lamps and the HQI bulbs.

With wide, deep positioned reflectors, the INFINITI has excellent antiglare properties, making it an ideal light to be viewed from any position. The maximum light performance is achieved by the use of the latest reflector technology. The combination of a high gloss finished reflector of 99.8% purest aluminum with CAD-designed light distribution gives the ultimate in reflectance and is revolutionary in the illumination of aquariums.


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