Horn Shark
Heterodontus francisci
Horn Shark

Identification:  Large, thick heads with a broad crest over both eyes. They have snub
                         snouts and short mouths with grooves connecting to the nostrils and
                         teeth both for holding (in the front) and crushing (in the rear).

Origin: Warm temperate to tropical waters in the western Indian and the western and
             eastern Pacific oceans.

Maximum Length: They grow to between 22" and 66" long.

Minimum tank size: 150 Gallon

Behavior: Semi active. Rests on the bottom most of the time.

Feeding and diet: They crush sea-urchins, starfishes, crabs, shrimps, barnacles, marine
                              worms, sea-snails, and other hard prey with their rear teeth, and they
                              also catch small fishes.

Reef Compatibility: Definitely Not.
Cautions: They have fin spines on their two dorsal fins and an anal fin. Be careful in handling.

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