Leopard Shark
Triakis semifasciata
Leopard Shark

Identification:  The body of the leopard shark is elongate, and the snout is short and bluntly
                          rounded. This shark is easily identified by the gray coloration over most of its
                          body, and the black spots and crossbars on the back and side. It is white underneath.

Maximum Length: 72.0+"

Origin: Mazatlan, Mexico, to Oregon. This well decorated species is abundant in bays and along
             sandy beaches of southern and central California in shallow water. During the fall, large
             numbers may be found in San Francisco and Monterey Bays.

Minimum tank size: 10000 Gallon

Behavior: They are found most often off the California coast and grow to about 5-6 feet.
                  They are very active sharks.

Feeding and diet: This shark feeds on benthic (bottom-dwelling) prey such as worms, clams,
                              crabs, shrimp, octopus, and small fish. It has small, pointed teeth which it
                              uses to capture its prey.

Reef Compatibility: Definitely Not. Sharks of this species under 36 inches in length are protected by the Lacey Act and are ILLEGAL.

Cautions: Very aggressive and has sharp teeth.

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