Golden Dwarf Moray
Gymnothorax melatremus
Photo courtesy of anilabbasi

Identification: Usually a pale yellow throughout the body. The overall coloration can vary from tan to yellowish-orange with some specimens sporting brown reticulations.  Some very rare specimens have been found to be a solid golden yellow color. The eel is often confused with the Golden Moray (Muraena miliaris).

Behavior:   Although it is found throughout the Indo-Pacific, it is rarely seen because of its reclusive nature and small size. In captivity they are not aggressive and get along well with even small fish. This eel is also a protogynous hermaphrodite (females result from a male sex change).

Maximum LengthThe smallest in the genus, Gymnothorax melatremus grows to only about 10".Their typical size is around 6"-8", about the diameter of a pen.

Origin Indo-Pacific, East Africa, north to the Hawaiian Islands

Minimum tank size:   10-20 Gallon. This is a great eel for a nano tank setup.

Feeding and diet:   Always accepting frozen food, we have never had to offer live food to these eels. Only the tiniest of fish are at risk of being eaten. It is critical that moray eels be fed a varied diet, one that replicates their natural prey items. In the case of the morays discussed here, crustaceans and hard-shelled invertebrates should be an integral part of the diet. A close inspection of the seafood counter at your local grocery store will yield all the food items you'll need. Fresh gulf shrimp with the shells on, whole blue crab, octopus or squid will all be eaten with great delight.

Availability:   Very Rare and very hard to get.

Optimum Keeping Parameters: Very good water quality and places to hide. Has a temperature range of 72 - 82F (22 - 28C) and will accept a wide range of meaty foods. Feed once or twice a week using a feeding stick

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