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Blue Life Phosphate Control

Phosphate Control is an amazingly simple and effective product that has revolutionized the way phosphates are removed from saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Having a phosphate free aquarium will control the growth of hair algae and other nuisance algae. In addition, regular use of Phosphate Control will increase the vitality, color and growth of your aquarium’s inhabitants. Phosphate Control is Veterinarian Approved, and has been used by leading Public Aquariums, Livestock Wholesalers, Retailers and Hobbyists.


4" x 8" Poly Filter Pad

This is the "incomparable Poly Filter" from Poly Bio Marine. Works in all filter types. Removes toxins , ammonia, heavy metals, harmful organics, phosphates and medications. The poly filter will not remove and trace minerals. Changes colors as it works. For fresh or salt.


Algae Removal Tweezers

The Tweezers are a useful tool for the removal of hair Algae. To prevent the algae that has been plucked off from swimming around in the aquarium, the tweezers are supplied with a hose connection for a 12 mm hose.



Brightwell Aquatics PhosphatR - Regenerable Phosphate-Adsorption Resin

A unique, next-generation regenerable phosphate adsorption resin effective in marine aquaria, but which will not negatively impact water quality nor release substances back into the aquarium. Synthetic polymer resin beads provide for durability and excellent flow characteristics, will not break up or disintegrate like ferric medias, and contain no aluminum to dissolve in marine aquaria and harm inhabitants. Far more effective than activated alumina products. Regenerable up to four times, dramatically increasing cost effectiveness. Will also remove silicates. May be employed in passive, fluidized-bed, or canister filtration.

250 ML $29.99

500 ML $29.95

1000 ML $49.89

PURA Filtration Pad

Total Filtration!
For Drip Trays & Power Filters
Full spectrum chemical filtration
Good for Reef, Planted, Fish, Invertebrates & Ponds

Removes solids, organics, ammonia, phosphate, medications, lead, copper & silicates!

Exclusive three media blend utilizes the purest & highest-grade media of very high ion exchange capacities. Glueless dry process manufacturing further enhances performance by 45% & allows for heavy media loading into the fiber matrix. PURA pads remove more ammonia, more phosphate, more heavy metals & more organics than any other poly-pad.
Replace monthly!

7.5" x 10" $7.99

15" x 30" $25.89

Cell Pharm Phosphate out

Immediately removes phosphates. Uses bacteria and enzymes to break down nutrients, detritus, and organic matter. 2oz treats 500 gallons.

Completely reef safe

2 oz.      $14.99

4 oz.      $25.99

Boyd's Chemi-Clean

Chemi-Clean oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment to clarify aquarium water crystal clear. Promotes the ideal enzyme balance and is safe for reef tanks, all invertebrates, desirable macro algae, nitrifying bacteria and fish. 2 grams treat 300 gallons. Completely reef safe. Great for removing the dreaded Red Slime Algae.


Boyd's Chemi-pure

Versatile filter media for any filter application. This ionic media acts mechanically as well as chemically, absorbing all the various elements of decomposition. The resin produces negatively charged ions, while removing excess acids and ammonia.


Nitrate Sponge

Nitrate Sponge

Kent Marine Nitrate Sponge is a granular zeolitic medium which works by two methods. 1) It slowly directly adsorbs small amounts of ammonia that are released by fish and natural processes, and 2) it fosters anaerobic bacterial denitrification.


2 Qt. $11.99

1 Gal. $18.99

Aqualine Bushke Aqualine Buschke Antired 100 ml
antired will successfully eliminate red slime algae in salt water aquaria. antired is safe with invertebrates, is not harmful to nitrifying bacteria, and promotes the growth of higher algae. The protein skimmer must be running and carbon filtration discontinued during the treatment. Dead and dying algae must be removed mechanically. 100 ml treats 100 gallons.


Aqualine Bushke

Anti Phos 1000g

Premium phosphate absorber from Germany. 1000gm treats 60 gals for 3 months.


Overflow Alert Alarm

Protect yourself from costly tank floods. This device will emit a piercing siren when the probe comes in contact with water, letting you know that there is a flood. Requires 3 AAA batteries


The Screamer
The Screamer is a simple safety device that is great for use with aquariums or anywhere a water leak may occur. Strategically locating the prongs of the sensor in an area where water is most likely to puddle allows The Screamer to sound a loud warning signal when water is first detected.



Kent Garlic Extreme

Garlic Xtreme contains a powerful source of garlic that can serve many purposes in aquariums. Used as a food soak, Garlic Xtreme is a strong attractant, enticing finicky eaters to begin feeding sooner. If used on a regular basis, can cure and prevent Ich.


Ruby Reef - Kick Ich   Copper free and reef safe treatment of salt water Ich.

A scientifically developed water treatment that has been proven effective in stopping C. irritans and I. multifiliis infections common in marine and freshwater aquaria. The formulation is specifically designed to interrupt the free swimming stage of these parasites, thereby stopping progressive infection and re infection, without the use of copper, malachite green or other chemicals known to be toxic to many aquarium inhabitants, especially marine invertebrates and corals and freshwater inverts and scale less fish. KICK-ICH doesn’t affect nitrifying bacteria and is biodegradable.

During the typical ich lifecycle, a free swimming tomite penetrates the host skin, where it undergoes metamorphosis into a trophozoite. The trophozoite matures within the host’s skin forming the “whitespot” cyst until it emerges from this cyst as a trophont and leaves the host. The trophont secretes a thick, highly resistant mucous coat immediately upon exit from the host. This mucous coat protects the trophont as it undergoes replication and division into hundreds of infecting units which emerge as new, fully infectious tomites upon rupture of the ripe trophont.   1 Liter


Chem Marin Hair Algae Stop

Destroys red or green hair algae in just a few days. Apply to covered area with applicator, lower or redirect current and algae will disappear. Reef safe & biodegradable.      6 oz. bottle


Chem Marin Stop Aiptasia

Kills Aiptasia, totally reef safe Inject into aiptasia with applicator listed below.  6 oz. bottle


Chem Marin Stop Parasites

Natural marine parasite cure, does not contain copper        8 oz. bottle


Salifert Flatworm Exit

Use to destroy and remove flatworms from your aquarium Treats 300 gallons.

Reef Safe


Bristle Worm Trap

Safely removes bristle worms


Fish Trap

Safely removes problematic fish and invertebrates by safely trapping them for easy removal.




Titanium Tank Ground plugs into grounded outlet, probe attaches inside tank/sump for a positive Ground. Eliminates stray voltages generated by pumps, heaters, etc.



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