Ribbon Eel
Rhinomuraena quaesita
Blue Ribbon Eel

Identification: Ribbon eels are protandric hermaphrodites (all females are derived from males that have changed sex). The juvenile is jet black with a yellow dorsal fin. At about 25-32"it begins to transform into a male and its coloration begins to change from black to blue. The snout and jaw turn bright yellow.

Maximum Length: 3.9"

Origin: Indo-West-Pacific

Minimum tank size:  30 Gallon

Behavior: Reclusive. You May only see the head protruding from it's hiding place most of the time.

Feeding and diet:  Difficult to nourish in captivity. Live feeder fish are necessary to elicit feeding behavior. Start off with mollies or guppies and gradually switch to marine fish and crustacean flesh. Feed twice a week.

Reef Compatibility: May eat crustaceans and small fish.

Cautions: Not recommended to beginners.

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