Wobbegong Shark
Orectolobus maculatus
Wobbegong SharkWobbegong Shark

Identification:  Large, flattened, broad-bodied sharks with short tails. The anal fin is
                         behind the second dorsal fin and just in front of the caudal fin. They
                         have strongly protrusible jaws and enlarged impaling teeth. Their
                         cryptic coloration of spots, blotches, lines, and saddles and the unique
                         lobes of skin on the sides of the head combine to camouflage them on
                         the sea bottom.

Origin: Mostly off Australia and Papua New Guinea. Two species also occur off Japan
             and one species is confined to the western north Pacific

Maximum Length: 10.4'

Minimum tank size: 1000 Gallon

Behavior: An ambush predator that will put on an explosive feeding display. The Wobbegong
                 makes an unusual and durable aquarium specimen but most will outgrow home aquariums.

Feeding and diet: Bottom fishes, octopuses, crabs, and lobsters in the wild, Feed meaty foods such
                              as shrimp, scallop, or marine fish impaled on a feeding stick. Feed to saturation
                              two times a week.

Reef Compatibility: Definitely Not. Will eat ornamental crustaceans and any tank mate that
                                  will fit in its' mouth.

Cautions: They are mainly nocturnal and will not usually eat during the day.

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