Poseidon's Realm: Policies and Checkout details

Minimum order on drygoods is $25.00

1. shipping Charge = ($35 Packing & Handling Fee) + (10% of Purchases).
The $35 is the handling fee, and the 10% is the cost of shipping. i.e., shipping for a $100 purchase is $45 total. $35 handling + $10 shipping cost (10% of $100).

2. We ship nationwide year-round via UPS or Federal Express service. Shipments generally arrive before 3 p.m., but can vary depending on weather and location. We highly recommend to reduce the stress of shipping your animals by having your package held at the local UPS or Fed Ex office. We are able to find the closest UPS or Fed Ex location based on your billing address and will be able to notify you the day of shipping or you may find the address at www.fedex.com or www.ups.com (Packages held at UPS or Fed Ex for your pick up are generally available before 9:30 am most areas). This will also help you so you do not have to wait around all day for the delivery or take the chance of missing the delivery. To receive this service, please note "Hold For Pickup at UPS [or FedEx]" in the shipping notes field, otherwise the package will be delivered to the shipping address on the order. Check the courier's website with your tracking number to determine what time your shipment will arrive. Your tracking number will be emailed to you the evening before. You may track your order at www.fedex.com or call 1-800-GOFEDEX.

3. Please check for Saturday service availability in your area. Home or office deliveries are subject to an additional $12 Saturday charge by UPS or FedEx.If you choose to have a shipment delivered to any address besides the Fed Ex hold location it is your responsibility to be present throughout the day to be able to sign for the shipment, otherwise Fed Ex WILL NOT leave your shipment and it WILL NOT be delivered until the next business day (which can mean Monday if the order is a Saturday delivery and the order may not be viable at the time of delivery)!!! You or someone authorized by you, must be present to sign for a shipment if you choose to have it delivered to your home or office. We can not guarantee live arrival on orders that are not accepted on the first delivery attempt. There is no guarantee on animals left in the box all day when delivery is made to an office address or if the shipment is not picked up from FedEx within 2 hours of their opening. Shipments not held at Fed Ex for your pick up when temperatures are below 40 or above 90 will NOT be guaranteed, we can not control the handling of these shipments when sitting on a truck during extremely cold or hot days."

4. You must take immediate delivery of your order upon its arrival, and you must sign for your order on the first delivery try. If a delivery is refused for any reason, including not being home to accept delivery, the customer will be held liable for the full cost of the invoice plus any return freight charges. You must accept delivery, even if the package is late.

5. UPS & FedEx requires a signature for delivery. You must be available to accept delivery.  Delivery must be in the contiguous United States.

6. We carefully and skillfully pack every order. All marine life is selected and packed by the best technicians in the industry who carefully screen each specimen for health, color and quality.


Aquaria must be acclimated the new arrivals according to our Acclimation Procedures even if they appear to be lifeless. Many times, specimens that look dead will frequently recover within minutes when acclimated. The depressed pH level of their water can cause this appearance of death. Also, all marine life, from any supplier, is subjected to some form of stress when packed, shipped and acclimated into an aquarium. Stress weakens any animal's immune system and increases the possibility of developing an infection. For this reason, we recommend all new fish should be quarantined in a separate aquarium for 10-14 days. Poseidon's Realm cannot be held responsible for disease-related problems if proper methods of introduction are not followed.

  1. Switch off aquarium lighting. Dim lights in the room. This reduces shock, stress and trauma.
  2. Allow the sealed bag to float in the aquarium for 20-25 minutes. (Do not open the bag at this time.) This allows the water in the shipping bag to adjust slowly to the temperature and climate of your tank. If the shipping bag is opened now the fish may die from suffocation.
  3. Cut open the shipping bag just under the metal clip, and roll the top edge of the bag down one inch to create an air pocket within the lip of the bag. This will enable the bag to float on the surface of the water.
  4. Add a quarter-cup of aquarium water to the shipping bag, and float in the aquarium.
  5. Repeat Step 4 every 7-10 minutes until the bag is full of water. This is important, as adjustments to pH, alkalinity, and specific gravity take time. (Skins/membranes need time to exchange salt/water to equalize with the new aquarium water. Speeding up the process will suffocate the new specimen.)
  6. Lift the shipping bag from the aquarium and discard half the water from the bag.
  7. Float the shipping bag in the aquarium again and proceed to add about cup of aquarium water to the shipping bag every 5 minutes until the bag is full.
  8. You will need to add some salt water back to your tank to top it off after this procedure.
  9. "Net" the fish from the bag and let loose into the aquarium.
  10. Remove the filled shipping bag from the aquarium and discard the water. (Never release shipping water directly into the aquarium. This will pollute your aquarium and can endanger the current inhabitants.


We do not allow the return of livestock or synthetic corals. This is done to protect the lives of the fish and animals, which have no chance of survival unless, packaged properly, including the use of oxygen and optimal water conditions.

Returned dry goods items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and postage is not reimbursed.

 ** Items such as Turbo Start and some pre-arranged livestock orders have to be shipped FedEx overnight and a separate postage payment request will be made once actual postage fees are known. Please provide a phone number when paying through Paypal.com so it can be put on the FedEx shipping label if case there is a problem.

Many other products are available but not yet listed on the website. If you are looking for a particular product that you did not see, please email your question to us. We probably can get it.

We carry the full line of products and not everythign is on the website. If you don't see it, please ask.

Cashier's checks are accepted and must be mailed to the address which will be provided to you in an email. NO personal checks except for service clients and NO money orders.

Paypal.com is used for all credit card purchases. You must have a confirmed address with Paypal.com.

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