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Pro-Heat D-58 LED Digital Display Temperature Controller

  • Max safe output: 800 watt
  • 2-Seperate digital display (water temperature / set temperature)
  • Dual scale display (F or C)
  • Precision (1.8F / 1C)
  • Control range (32F to 104F / 0C to 40C)
  • Auto electronic control
  • Ideal for aquarium, pond, electro-plating, industrial field
Conversion Fahrenheit and/or Celsius:
  • Push up button once to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius or push up button again to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit



Ebo Jager Submersible

All Jager aquarium heaters come with a 1 year warranty.

50W Jager Heater

Heater Length: 9"


75W Jager Heater

Heater Length: 10"


100W Jager Heater

Heater Length: 12"


150W Jager Heater

Heater Length: 13"


200W Jager Heater

Heater Length: 15"


250W Jager Heater

Heater Length: 17"


Replacement Holder


Hydor Theo Heaters

  • The first shatter-proof glass heater thanks to the peculiar glass tube
  • shock resistant thanks to the PTC heating element and the shatterproof glass tube.
  • Free positioning in aquarium with supplied suction cups.
  • The patented PTC heating system guarantees operation in complete safety because in case of dry running there is no danger for damage.
Hydor Theo 50W Heater


Hydor Theo 100W Heater


Hydor Theo 200W Heater


Hydor Theo 300W Heater


Hydor Theo 400W Heater



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